Monday, September 21, 2015

Well, We Did It!

It's a 2016 Forest River FR3 30DS Motor home....We're going to try traveling again.  The crew consist of Hubby, Myself and Buddy and Libby...our two furbabies.   Several years ago we owned but sold our Mobil Scout 5th Wheel simply because we rarely got the chance to use it.  There's not much these days holding us back...we still have a plumbing company to run and my Granddaughter, Samantha will still be living here with us after Crystal, Will and Tim move to Magnolia in November or December.  She has her name on a list for an apartment that will be ready by the end of November.  When we go to visit the kids in Magnolia we can stay in the RV park close by their house.  Or maybe there will be a chili cook off somewhere we want to go see...or whatever. 
 Also planning a trip to Angel Fire, New Mexico to visit with friends then off to Carlsbad Caverns then home.  We've been watching "Chris and G Travels" on You Tube and have been thinking about Alaska...who knows.   They're young but it's fun to follow along on their travels.
  It's got a good floor plan, enough for Hubby and I.  Sleeps eight...big shower...I think it'll work.  Anyway, it's very...brown, as you can see.  That's the way they are dressing them up these days...browns.  SO, I've started accenting things in red.  I'll shoot some pictures after I'm done.  Oh, and see the FR3 lettering under the TV that sits over the sink?  There's a light switch just for it!  Flip the switch and it lights up blue...that's all it does...Hahaaa...omg...  It's been a busy month...hiring for Crystal's position...buying the
So...Here's to the Hubby's and my new adventures...

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