Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm Seeing Red...

Made a few little "red" purchases and I think it's going to work!  Nothing like the American and Texas flag to get things started...There's a few other modifications we are working adding a screen to the front grill!  It was wide open between the bars where bugs or rocks could hit the front of the radiator and dent it all up!  Why did Forest River build it that way?  Oh well, hubby bought some thick metal screening and fixed it.
I know, I know!  I needed to take a shot of the front grill so you could see it...Going out now to do that!

See what I mean about the wide open bars?  Hubby drilled holes in the bars and used tie downs and screws to hold them in place...They aren't going Anywhere!  And yes, he forgot to spray paint the green to black but when you stand in front of the coack, you just can't tell!  
Well, guess that's it for now.  The tow kit and other "boy toys" have all come in and are laying on the floor of hubby's office.  We have an appointment for Oct 7th to get it added to our car.

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