Saturday, January 6, 2018

Zapata, Texas Trip August 2017

Our Buddy

Our Libby

When you exit the coach, this was our view.

Our high school buddies...LtoR, Henry Medlin, Bill Coker, Ron Byrd, and my hubby, Larry Staas.

LtoR, Glenda Byrd, Jane Medlin, Me...Donna Staas,  Wanda Coker.

Our Christmas tree at our house.  We really enjoyed our time with our kids.

This is the best peanut brittle recipe ever, if you like your brittle light and airy and crispy...not that hard solid candy that can break your teeth out.  Recipe is HERE

Our children and grand kids...LtoR, daughter Crystal, SIL Tim...Grandson William, Granddaughter Samantha with her boyfriend, Everett.  These are the loves of our lives...besides our furbabies...

We took a trip out to New Mexico...visited with Jane and Henry in Eagle Nest for several days then turned around and headed to Zapata, Texas for a reunion, of sorts, with all our friends.  The Medlins were also attending but were taking a different route.  
After hitting Texas, we headed south.  We stayed at Lakefront Lodge in Zapata.  It's more of a permanent community...bought RV spots.  They do take the traveler though, as well.  It was nice and the people were friendly...It's a Go-To if you're ever in Zapata, Texas.
We've been at our home base for the holidays...and through Winter.  Trying to think of somewhere to go in the Spring...Maybe a cookoff or a festival.  There's always plenty to choose from.
Well, guess I'll close for now...

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